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These two to three day exclusive workshops that take place once to twice a year are designed to provide in-depth study and examination of policy options related to major issues of high priority for the Israeli healthcare service system agenda. Emphasis is placed on differential examination and critical comparisons of the solutions given in other countries to common problems. Leading experts from abroad join with a few dozen Israeli experts and relevant senior executives. The experience of Israel  and of other countries are compared and studied in depth and then policy lessons are deduced. By the end of each workshop a consensus summary is drafted.  

Latest Workshop:

Professionalism in the Practice of Medicin - Where are we now? December 2016

Previous Workshops:  

Hospital Budgeting, July 2016
Promoting BIG DATA in Israel Healthcare, September 2015  
Measuring Quality in Hospitals – Are the Goals Conflicting? February 2014
Personalized Medicine, September 2012 
Governing Public Hospitals , March 2011
Rehabilitation and Community Integration of Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities: The First Ten Years and Beyond , October 2010
Pay for Performance , September 2009
Medical Education in the 21st Century, July 2009
The Public Private Mix in Health Care ,  September 2008 
Cultural Appropriateness of Health Services, Octuber 2007
Patients, Physicians and Pharma: Divergent or Congruent Approaches to the Individual and Society, April 2006
A Research & Academic Development Agenda for Health in the Community , April 2005

The Future Hospital, December 2004

The Curriculum for Medical Schools Towards the 21st Century, November 2002
The Connection between Clinical Medicine and Preventive Medicine, April 2000
Long Term Care of the Elderly: Organizational and Economic Aspects, December 1999 (Hebrew)
The Use of Information in the Decision-Making Process in the Health System, May 1999 
Capitation, October 1998 (Hebrew)
Primary Care, February 1998