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The Health Council selected the NIHP to facilitate and encourage research, surveys and professional expert opinion intended to supervise the implementation of the National Health Insurance Law (1994) and evaluate its influence on the health services in Israel.

The NIHP issues an annual "Call for Proposals" (CFP) for research and scholarship applications. The CFP is distributed publicly among all academic institutions and other research organization in the field and is advertised in the media. All applications complying with the Institute's research agenda are subjected to a thorough peer-review evaluation process by appropriate experts from both Israel and abroad and the final approval is given by the NIHP's Research Board.


The NIHP's main fields of research are:
Health Policy
Organization of Healthcare Services
Health Economics
Quality of Healthcare Services


The CFP may be specified to certain targeted topics according to the recommendations of the Health Council or the NIHP institutes.

Almost 200 proposals are submitted each year with a final approval rate of around 20 percent. On an average year, the NIHP grants approximately 2.5 million USD for research and scholarships.


The researchers are required to report periodically on the progress of the study and are often invited to present their findings in an NIHP appropriate forum (Research Seminar, Conferences, Workshops, ect.).


Special grants are earmarked to encourage research by Master and PhD students from different faculties whose dissertations are in one of the field's of research above.