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NIHP Activities

The NIHP holds an array of routine meetings routine meetings and conferences with the purpose of encouraging scientific and public discourse and cooperation of all the leading organizations and individuals that play a role in the health system, academia and government.

Research Seminar
The research seminar is a monthly meeting in which research in-progress or final research outcomes are presented and discussed.

Policy Forum
A meeting of the healthcare sector leadership to discuss current relevant issues pertaining to health policy decisions and actions.

These two to three day workshops join together leading experts from Israel and abroad for the purpose of in-depth study of a focused topic, with the examination of comparisons in other countries.

Dead Sea Conference
The annual Dead Sea Conference's aim is to discuss major health policy issues on the public agenda in order to improve the functioning of the health system. During the conference, participants of the top-echelon of the health system personnel in Israel exchange opinions, reach to conclusions and agree on recommendations.

Annual Research Conference
The Institute hosts an annual national research conference devoted to the presentation and discussion of its research.

International Conferences
Every few years, an international health policy conference is held in Jerusalem, including guest speakers and research presentations around a theme occupying the international healthcare community.

Israel Journal of Health Policy Research
The Israel Journal of Health Policy Research (IJHPR) is the official publication of the NIHP. This journal seeks to disseminate information about the achievements and dilemmas of Israeli health care, to facilitate dialogue between experts from Israel and abroad.