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Dead Sea Conference

The annual Dead Sea Conference's aim is to discuss major health policy issues on the public agenda in order to improve the functioning of the Israeli health system. During the conference, participants of the top-echelon of the health system personnel in Israel exchange opinions, reach conclusions and agree on recommendations.

Each year, a broad policy issue is selected by the NIHP's Board of Directors and position papers on different aspects of the issues are prepared well ahead of time by task groups, coordinated by a steering committee. The draft papers are then discussed and modified by the participants during the two days of the conference in order to reach an agreement and compile a position paper with recommendations. Despite the participants being of different and sometimes opposing opinions and interests, an effort is made to create an open discussion and avoid arguing and negotiation. The final versions of the papers are approved by the plenum and presented as a "white paper" to the Minister of Health. Experience shows that more than once the recommendations have been translated into action plans.


The 2011 report on the preparations of Israel to the ageing population was immediately adopted and the Director General assigned a special committee for its implementation.

Dead-Sea Conferences Publications: (Hebrew)

The 17th Annual Dead Sea Conference, 2017: Patient Centered Medicine - Challenge in the New age
  The 16th Annual Dead Sea Conference, 2016: Health Data – A Call for Regulation
The 15th Annual Dead Sea Conference, 2015: Restructuring of the Health Systems
The 14th Annual Dead Sea Conference, 2013: Accountability in Health -
  Unsolved Issues

The 13th Annual Dead Sea Conference, 2012: Health Insurance in Israel

The 12th Annual Dead Sea Conference, 2011: State Preparation for an Aging Population

The 11th Annual Dead Sea Conference, 2010: The Health System in the Digital Era

The Tenth Annual Dead Sea Conference, 2009: Why Reforms Rarely Materialized?

The Ninth Annual Dead Sea Conference, 2008: Human Resources in the Health System

The Eighth Annual Dead-Sea Conference, 2007: The HMOs' Corporate Governance, Boundaries and Baskets of Services

The Seventh Annual Dead-Sea Conference, 2006: Healthy  Behavior as a National Endeavour

The Sixth Annual Dead-Sea Conference, 2005: Competition and Regulation in the Healthcare System 

The Fifth Annual Dead-Sea Conference, 2004: The Hospital in the Healthcare System

The Fourth Annual Dead-Sea Conference, 2003: Gaps and Inequalities in the Healthcare System

The Third Annual Dead-Sea Conference, 2002: The Third Part of the National Health Insurance Law 

The Second Annual Dead-Sea Conference, 2001: Aspects in Community Medicine: Primary, Secondary and Physician's Reward

The First Annual Dead-Sea Conference, 2000: The Healthcare System in the Next Decade: Continuing the Reform