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The 5th International Jerusalem Conference on Health Policy June 3-5, 2013

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Recent publications:
The 14th Annual Dead Sea Conference, (Hebrew) 2013

  Workshop: Personalized Medicine, 2012

  The 13th Annual Dead Sea Conference, (Hebrew) 2012
  Financial Arrangements Between Universities and Hospitals in Israel, (Hebrew) 2011

  • Grants & Scholarships

    The Health Council selected the NIHP to facilitate and encourage research, surveys and professional expert opinion intended to supervise the implementation of the National Health Insurance Law and evaluate its influence on the health services in Israel. The NIHP issues an annual "Call for Proposals" (CFP) for research and scholarship applications on topics relevant to these goals. 

    Call for Proposals, Guidelines and Forms
    Completed Research Summaries

  • Activities

    Accompanying the research activity, the NIHP regularly holds scientific meetings, policy debates and conferences intended to arouse discussions between researchers and policy makers.

  • Quality Measures Program

    The National Quality Measures Program is an exemplary case of how research findings translate into policy decisions and action plans. The program allows routine total population quality assessment of the services provided by the HMOs.

    The National Quality Measures Program Report 2010-2012

 The 10th Annual Health Policy Conference, May 2014, David InterContinental Hotel, Tel Aviv
 The 14th Annual Dead Sea Conference, 2013
 The National Quality Measures Program
 The 5th International Jerusalem Conference on Health Policy, 2013
 Personalized Medicine,
 Research Seminar is on summer leave.

See you next year.

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The 11th Annual
Health Policy Conference
May 2015, Tel Aviv

The 15th Dead Sea

Dead Sea


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